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Key Features of IP Adapter Face ID

Updated: at 09:12 AM

Some of our advantages, why to choose us.

Generalizable to Custom Models

Once the IP Adapter Face ID is trained, it can be directly reusable on custom models fine-tuned from the same base model.

Structure Control

The IP Adapter Face ID is fully compatible with existing controllable tools, e.g., ControlNet and T2I-Adapter.

Better align with the reference image

Our method not only outperforms other methods in terms of image quality, but also produces images that better align with the reference image.

Image-to-Image and Inpainting

Image-guided image-to-image and inpainting can be also achieved by simply replacing text prompt with image prompt.

Multimodal Prompt

Due to the decoupled cross-attention strategy, image prompt can work together with text prompt to realize multimodal image generation.

More superior results

Compared with other existing methods, our method can generate superior results in both image quality and alignment with multimodal prompts.

More controllable

You can adjust the weight of the face structure to get different generation!